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Our catering menu features a variety of dishes, expertly crafted by our team of skilled chefs, that are sure to leave a lasting impression on your guests and make your event a success.


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To ensure that our customers receive the best possible service, we have implemented an online ordering system. This allows for fast and efficient service, making it easy to enjoy our delicious food.


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Memorable Meals await

We have a reservation system that allows you to select your desired table. You can also request a specific table when you make a reservation.


Groups & Parties

Private Dining Perfection

From intimate gatherings to grand events, our private party packages offer a range of options to suit your specific needs and budget.


About us

New York, get ready!

We propose an invasion of island spice you never knew you needed and soon won’t fathom living without. We offer flavor inspired by the vibrant, robust, and authentic culinary tradition of the Greater and Lesser Antilles, twisted with some modern chic. The goal is simple: use the best ingredients, prepare all meals with love, elevate these dishes from mama’s kitchen to New York’s bistro, and in doing so provide a new home for the tastebuds of these streets.

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321 9th Street
Brooklyn, NY


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